Nicole Burgess is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an Empowerment and Leadership Coach to high achieving and introverted women. She helps them end the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, create a balance between their work and home life and be the change makers they are called to be.

Nicole was trained in Transpersonal Psychology, has a daily practice of mind-body connection and helps women to reconnect to their inner wisdom through this connection.

In this episode:

  • Amy Cuddy discusses how her traumatic brain injury at the age of 19 left her feeling “anxious, disoriented, making bad decisions, not sure what to do next” in her life.
  • She is now a Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist and known around the world.
  • How are body poses and small nudges can make a big difference.
  • Her definition of presence
  • How presence can impact our daily life
  • Episode One-Power of Self-Awareness and Contemplation
  • Episode 23-Midlife Unraveling
  • Amy discusses Impostor Syndrome-it is not just felt by women or specific demographics.
  • Philosopher and Psychologist William Jame’s work from 1800’s continues to influence our knowledge today
  • Amy’s TED talk in 2012-Wonder Woman and Starfish Up
  • How yoga can improve our mind and body connection
  • The power of small incremental changes, or nudges, can lead to big changes in our lives.
  • “Don’t fake it till you make it, fake it till you become it.”

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