Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and Empowerment and Leadership Coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps them end the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle so that they can thrive in life,  create a balance that works for them and continue to make an impact in the world.

Nicole received her training in transpersonal psychology and earned a Master’s of Art in Counseling Psychology. She has been working with women in facing fears and embracing change for almost 15 years. Prior to that, she was a Business Analyst helping people with change management and implementing and training them on new software.

In this episode:

  • Nicole shares using permission slips and hearing about this concept from Brene Brown’s online workshop
  • Who are you waiting for to give you permission?
  • Where are you waiting for permission?
  • In my 20’s as I have stated in Ep 47 rewrite your inner story looking for approval in my career choice
  • Seeking approval and giving up your power
  • Get curious with your own life
  • Give yourself permission to:
    • be goofy and play more
    • put yourself first in self-care-it will improve your well-being, relationships, and your professional life
    • laugh out loud and even snort when you are in public
    • spend time with friends
    • take a vacation
    • save money
    • to make mistakes
    • learn something new
    • release obligations
    • be responsible for your choices and life and let others be responsible for theirs
    • to love more and deeper
    • to be more vulnerable
    • to know you are whole and complete
    • to say no without guilt
    • to sign up for a class you have been dreaming about for years
    • to smell the flowers
  • Self-reflection and contemplation ep 1

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