Robyn Mourning, is a healing alchemist, soul-artist and intuitive boundary pusher. While Robyn received her Masters of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and became a trauma recovery specialist at her private mental health practice, she has since broken the mold that kept her in the status quo.

As a spiritual healer, Robyn joins her clients as a co-healer in their trauma healing journey by offering ritual healing practices that harmonize ancient/spiritual wisdom with modern approaches, such as Oracle Cards.

Robyn also provides Healership Cultivation coaching and consulting for therapists, healers, and activists. She facilitates healing-oriented workshops, retreats, and experiential gatherings. Robyn also facilitates Community Wellness trainings on various topics related to trauma wellness, resilience, and prevention.

As a trauma survivor herself, Robyn is a fierce advocate for access, inclusivity, and justice for marginalized individuals and communities in the mental health and wellness industries.

In this episode-Oracle Cards:

  • Robyn shares her journey in reclaiming herself, being soul-lead to a spiritual healer
  • Assisting people in using their intuition after trauma
  • Breaking free of molds, becoming more of yourself, and being a leader
  • How leaders are not always popular or liked
  • She shares the beginnings of creating soul-care oracle cards
  • Cards as anchors-positive psychology based tool
  • Reclamation of your soul and spiritual process
  • How people of color trauma is intertwined with cultural trauma-opposition, racism, and bigotry
  • Embracing the unknown and discomfort
  • Returning to ancient practices-indigenousness and people of colors rituals/traditions
  • Robyn explains the Oracle Card guidebook, number of cards and how the cards can be used together
  • Her use of African traditions
  • Different rituals and approaches unique for each person
  • Robyn’s inspirational role-models:
  • Black Girl in Ohm-Lauren Ash
  • Thea Monyee, Ted Talk speaker “The Language of our ancestors” 

“Removing narratives around how healing is suppose to look”-Robyn