Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and Leadership & Empowerment Coach to passionate high achieving professional women do what they love without sacrificing their personal life.

Nicole brings her knowledge and skills as a psychotherapist for over fifteen years along with her skills from Corporate life to being a small business owner into her coaching services.

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In this episode:

  • There are various rituals all over the world that acknowledge, celebrate or reflect transitions in life. (Sometimes referred to as rites of passage.)
    • There are graduation ceremonies and open house parties for when your teenage daughter graduates high school
    • We have funeral services to celebrate and remember those we loved
    • We have rituals around the change in seasons
  • Reclaiming parts of yourself through Oracle Cards with Robyn Mourning
  • You may feel sadness and loss, which is normal because one chapter in life is closing and another one is opening.
  • Nicole shares some personal development she went through
  • Transitions involve grieving
  • William Bridges in his book called Transitions states transitions involve an ending, a neutral zone, and a new beginning.
    • During the Ending phase
      • Disengagement
      • Disidentification
      • Disenchanted
      • Disorientation
    • Neutral Zone
    • Making a beginning
      • “The lesson in all such experience is that when we are ready to make a beginning, we will shortly find an opportunity. The transition process involved an inner realignment and a renewal of energy, both of which depend on immersion in the chaos of the neutral zone.”
      • Growth is getting comfortable in the unknown


  • Some ways to help with moving forward in the sadness and excitement is talking about it with one another.
  • Self-care is important during transition-walks in nature, being with your girlfriends, taking small breaks throughout the day
  • Allow yourself to explore or be curious on the other side of the change
  • There is an ending and a new beginning

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