Nicole Burgess LMFT and Leadership and Empowerment Coach to high achieving and introverted women.

She brings over 15 years of experience from the psychology arena, an entrepreneur and past skills from corporate into coaching professional women in midlife who love what they do without sacrificing their personal life. 

If you believe you are heading to burnout because you are consistently overwhelmed or stressed out then this episode is for you.

In this episode-Burnout:

  • Signs or symptoms of burnout
  • Health issues and possible medical issues
  • Explore your mindset and beliefs that can be impacting your burning out
  • Do you know your values
  • Nicole shares her experience with approaching burnout
  • Managing your energy level
  • Adrenal fatigue and its impact on the body
  • How burning out can impact all aspects of your life from business, relationships, finances and more
  • Boundaries (episode 12)
  • Self-care directly relates to your well-being
  • Stay in your lane vs letting fear drive you
  • Perfectionism and HSP
  • Highly Sensitive Person and needing downtime (episode 29)
  • Limiting beliefs (episode 17)
  • What is one thing I can outsource, say no to, or who can I connect to for support
  • It is saying NO to what others think you “should do” and YES to your own inner guidance
  • Connect with other HSPs