Jennifer Freeman went from living in the jungles of Columbia to raising $5 million in investment capital for real estate development to creative web design to quantum coaching.

Jen shows the world that shaman is actually a verb – a way of being. In ancient languages, “Shaman” means vibrating with high, deep and wide energy – seeing what’s possible at higher and deeper levels of function.

She helps her clients adopt this more expansive way of delivering their unique gifts to the world and to the marketplace, bringing their deepest heart’s dreams into form.

Jen is a long time practitioner of mind-body awareness and wisdom traditions from around the world, including Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Human Design, and Modern Capitalism and social media marketing.  

Jen is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their highest calling.

In this episode-Human Design:

  • What is Human Design and her experience with it for over 17 years
  • How this tool can help you with personal development
  • Jen helps people with their thought patterns
  • Being an empath and using energy practices to help direct energies through you
  • We don’t notice our gifts vs we focus on areas of openness but from a disempowered place
  • Giving yourself permission to embrace your gifts (ep 51)
  • How Human Design can help with your relationships, business, communication and more
  • Compassion leading to communion”-without attempting to get another person to conform to your ways
  • Gain clarity with yourself and be a mirror in a healthy way
  • “Tool is only as good as the consciousness of the person using it”
  • Introversion is a strength
  • Jen highlights basic Astrology, her introversion and living in a state with open space
  • Giving yourself downtime and space improves creativity
  • Using science as a bridge regarding energy and processing deep intuitive information
  • What is Quantum Physics (imagine a rainbow)
  • Paradigm shift because it goes against what our eyes see
  • Heart Math Institute
  • Energy moves and we make up a story about that (Rewrite your inner story)
  • The mind is not in the brain
  • Human Design can show you where you are more open and where you tend to make up stories
  • Embodiment practices help Jen move through things in life
  • This is a tool not a limitation of you
  • Human Design combines I-ching, Kabbalah, Charkas, Genetic Code and Astrology
  • Moving past ancestral stories
  • Jen shares her favorite self-care go-to’s

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