Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and Leadership & Empowerment Coach to passionate high achieving professional women do what they love without sacrificing their personal life.

She has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching female entrepreneurs in ending the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, facing fears, and embracing who they are as a powerful woman.

In this episode:

  • Are fears and old beliefs driving your life and how you are living?
  • Are you listening to your soul?
  • Living with ease or from dis-ease
  • Midlife unraveling – first half of life vs second half of life
  • Where do limiting beliefs come from?
  • Are you aware of your blind spots, shadows, or unconscious beliefs you are living from?
  • Removing the Good girl Mask 
  • What happens when we don’t live in alignment with our soul?
  • Psyche means soul
  • Nicole gives examples of women giving up their power
  • What thoughts do you continue to focus on?
  • Let others live their path and stay on your side
  • Nicole shares old message given to her growing up
  • Creating a spiritual practice
  • Feedback Nicole gets from women clients
  • Setting boundaries and letting go of other people’s responses
  • Carol Dweck-Fixed or Growth mindset
  • Nicole shares her experience in moving to California
  • As an adult you are 100 percentage responsible for your choices

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