Laurel O’Sullivan, J.D. is a Life Transition Coach, Professional Speaker and the founder of The Woman’s Coach. She supports women who feel unfulfilled in their career and relationships develop confidence and clarity so they can step into their power and live the life they were born to live. 

Her unique brand of Second Chance coaching is premised on the idea that we never get just one chance to find our unique purpose in life. Laurel draws upon two decades of professional experience as an attorney and nonprofit advocate as well as her own life experiences courageously navigating numerous life transitions including divorce, career change, blending families and grief to help her clients find their truth and use their voice with more authority and impact in the world.

In her practice Laurel uses a combination of deep intuition and astrology to help clients move beyond their self-defeating patterns of behavior to use transitions as an opportunity to transform their lives.

At the end of October Laurel is launching “7 Steps to Letting Go of Your Fear of Change” a 6 week virtual course where she blends coaching and the use of intuitive astrology to help you better navigate life’s ups and downs.  As a bonus for signing up by October 10 she is offering a FREE recorded reading of your chart. 

In this episode-Astrology & Intuition:

  • 1:55 – What got you into this field?
  • 3:00 – Looking at a compassionate mirror of yourself
  • 5:05 – How does astrology help?
  • 7:55 – Let’s get unstuck!
  • 10:27 – It really clears up who we truly are so that we can step back into our own power
  • 12:25 – Let’s get secure by OWNING our security
  • 13:46 – Intuitions in women’s work
  • 15:30 – How your innate abilities help to connect with a person’s deeper self
  • 17:07 – Synthesizing intuition and astrology
  • 18:05 – Tips for moving through transitions
  • 21:36 – Having self-compassion during chaos is key to moving through it
  • 24:36 – How to practice discipline to promote bliss
  • 26:20 – Criticism as a form of control
  • 29:31 – The beauty of having a coach
  • 30:30 – Who is someone who has inspired you?

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I use the Muse headband and HeartMath monitor during my meditation practice.