Felicia McQuaid is the owner of The Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach. She has been offering her services to those along the Emerald Coast since 2001. Felicia shares her love of life, knowledge, and connection through Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing, Hypnosis and as a Medical Intuitive. Her journey began when she discovered yoga through her own personal journey of healing and transformation. The benefits of yoga and healing were too great to keep to herself, which is why she devotes her life to sharing the benefits of yoga and healing as her life and livelihood. She has studied many styles of yoga and is certified as a Master Teacher of yoga through Yoga Alliance.

Her passion for healing and transforming lives shines through her words, her actions, and her teachings. She lives an EN-LIGHTENED & EN-LIVENED life. Felicia offers these practices in a way which is challenging, fun and accessible to all. Her laughter and joy are infectious. Heal with her, train with her. Create a Miracle Mindset!

In this episode-Reiki:

  • How and why Felicia began using Reiki after doing yoga
  • Deeper causes of somatic issues (body pains)
  • What is Reiki
  • Receiving Reiki and how you can do it on yourself
  • “Teaches how to connect us to larger energy”
  • Women’s old messages of “need to do it all” and running on empty
  • Impacts every area of life especially as entrepreneur
  • Anxiety and Depression has risen
  • Reiki’s history and its origin from Japan
  • Who is Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Levels of Reiki to become a master trainer
  • Felicia encourages women to do first level class for self-care
  • Flushing out accumulated stress and anxiety
  • Common feeling people experience after doing this energy work
  • Inner energy and conscious mind
  • Raising awareness and letting go what no longer serves you
  • Can sessions be done virually?
  • We are interconnected and raising vibrational level 
  • Practical tips for beginning to move energy
  • Inspired equals in spirit
  • Being intentional with where you get your energy
  • Felicia shares her morning practice
  • Going to higher brain waves and shifting of hormones
  • Rewriting your inner story 
  • How you can connect with Felicia
  • Opening the chakras  and removing blocks
  • What is the health of your spine
  • Questions to ask potential Reiki masters if seeking services
  • What Reiki is not

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