Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and Leadership & Empowerment Coach to passionate high achieving professional women do what they love without sacrificing their personal life.

She has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching introverted female entrepreneurs in ending the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, demote their inner critic, and connect to their authentic Self.

In this 3 part series I am going to shares some signs you maybe a perfectionist and how being an HSP may  play into this topic.

In episode 73 I will share where these beliefs can stem from, followed by episode 74 on how perfectionist beliefs and behaviors impact  every area of your life.

In this episode:

  • Signs you may be a perfectionist
  • Dr. Elaine Aron’s charateristic of HSPs (Click here for episode 9)
  • Decision making as an highly sensitive person
  • Nicole shares personal story of perfectionism from high school and college
  • What is extrinsic vs intrinsic rewards (Episode 45 Emotional Intelligence)
  • Ingoring my soul’s calling for decades to play it safe
  • Hiding behind the Good Girl Mask (episode 2)
  • Why curiosity matters
  • Here is the LINK to the assessment
  • Break the habit of perfectionism to feel more confident, to uplevel your life and reach your full potential
  • Letting go of the fears – what has helped transform Nicole over the years
  • Role modeling to our future generation of girls of embracing imperfection
  • You are good enough

Assessment: Click the button and find out if you have some perfectionist thinking and behaviors going on.