Nicole Strychaz is an empath and Intuitive Writer.

After spending years in HR due to fears around not being able to make a living off being a writer. She specializes in teaching others to listen and follow their own intuitive writing through one-on-one Mentoring, Writing Alchemy Sessions, Digital Courses, and Professional Writing Services.

She also shares her own work through blogging and eBooks which are the messages that come through this Intuitive connection which is often late at night and in those moments of quiet reflection or even at the gym. Her own memoir-style book The Awakened Professional: Rediscover Your Limitless Self is in the works and has plans to be out soon!

In this episode:

  • Nicole shares her journey from being in HR to returning to her creative love
  • How her intuition and soul kept redirecting her
  • What does it mean to be awakened?
  • Who am I to be a medium?
  • Gaining clarity around hearing voices and tuning your challenge
  • Moving through limiting beliefs
  • How her body gave her information
  • Letting go of the perfect “job, pay” to self-acceptance
  • Discoverying being an empath and absorbing other people’s problems
  • What is intuition?
  • Clair-voyiant, audient,
  • Why we need our ego
  • Learning how to set aside other people’s energy, going into flow and going within
  • Reiki episode
  • Connecting to your soul
  • Does everyone have intuition?
  • Is it fear, ego, or intuition
  • Ways to begin to trust your intuition
  • Supporting your child’s intuition
  • Working through obstacles
  • Nicole shares her gratitude (ep 70) for past learning experiences
  • Tips in moving through stuckness
  • Alanis Morrisette as an HSP and her creativity process