Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and  Empowerment Coach to introverted and highly sensitive women.

She has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching female business owners in ending the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, demote their inner critic, and connect to their inner wisdom, so they can do what they love with sacrificing their personal life.

Holidays bring up a lot for many women. It can bring back fond memories of childhood, the joy of being around loved ones, and it can also be a time of grief, past hurts, and thoughts of obligation to others. What ever the holiday time is for you may you give yourself permission to take care of yourself, set boundaries where needed (even if uncomfortable), and create downtime and rest.

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In this episode:

  • Holiday gatherings
  • Saying yes out of obligation or joy
  • Are you regressing back to adolescents?
  • Obligation can lead to resentment
  • What are the expectations?
  • Be uncomfortable for 15 min to a day when having the conversation
  • Are you in your lane or the other person’s?
  • Ways to say no during the holidays
  • Coping with death and loss during the holiday season
  • Changing rituals or ways to remember the person
  • Not uncommon for older people to die around holidays
  • Ask to change the dates of celebrations or how things are celebrated
  • Some other ways to say No
  • Thriving as an highly sensitive person during this time of year
  • Living life with intention
  • Being 100 percent responsible for your beliefs, feelings and behaviors

Assessment: Click the button and find out if you have some perfectionist thinking and behaviors going on. Just remember if you learned it you can unlearn it!