Nicole Burgess has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching introverted women business owners and change makers in ending the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, demote their inner critic, and connect to their inner wisdom, so they can do what they love with sacrificing their personal life.

She is a licensed psychotherapist and  Empowerment Coach to HSPs and introverts.

In this episode-Being Gentle & Fierce:

  • Being gentle and fierce as an HSP woman
  • Nicole observing judgements towards women about holidays
  • What to do when you find yourself judging
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • episode 75 Holiday loss, love and obligation
  • One of Nicole’s goals for Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast
  • Good girl mask or persona in ep 2
  • Perfectionism series (ep 72-74)
  • What Nicole’s definition is of fierceness
  • How Nicole coaches women
  • Is your adolescent self running your or is your adult Self?
  • Breaking free of limiting beliefs ep(17)
  • What are some beliefs/thinking keeping you stuck?
  • Getting curious with your belief systems
  • Asking for a raise, increase fees, have more time with loved ones, etc.
  • Saying NO without justifying or defending it
  • Are you in self-preservation mode?
  • Removing the armor to receive more love and joy in your life
  • Case example of self-preservation for fear of how other person will think
  • Why “warrior” doesn’t resonate with Nicole
  • Action step #1: Perfectionist Assessment Link and assisting with new course
  • Action step #2: Reflecting back over the last decade and journaling your accomplishments, growth and changes
  • How forgiveness has helped you let go of the past
  • Setting intention for 2020
  • Action step #3: Set up clarity call

Assessment: Click the button and find out if you have some perfectionist thinking and behaviors going on. Just remember if you learned it you can unlearn it!