Alane Freund, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, (Lic. #36077)  has helped adults, youth, and families focus on solutions through psychotherapy and consultation for almost three decades. Working closely with Dr. Elaine Aron, Ms. Freund has developed and implemented programs for highly sensitive people (HSPs), children, families, and clinicians, including her trademarked workshop, HSPs & Horses using the EAGALA model of equine assisted psychotherapy.

An International Consultant on High Sensitivity, she also holds Masters’ degrees in clinical psychology and school counseling. Alane specializes in family therapy and education with and about highly sensitive people and families raising HSKids and HSTeens.

A skilled facilitator and therapist, an HSP herself, and the parent of a highly sensitive young adult, she teaches workshops, offers consultation, and leads groups and retreats. Ms. Freund (Friend) is on faculty at Kripalu in Massachusetts and 1440 Multiversity in California as well as teaching at California Institute for Psychotherapy and the California Institute of Integral Studies in California.

In this episode:

  • Alane shares her journey of being a horse woman since she was a child to creating her equine assisted psychotherapy business
  • Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) training
  • Why horses and highly sensitive people work well together
  • The horse who raised Alane
  • EAP is experiential
  • “Horses are always where their feet are”-Alane
  • The power of metaphor and self-distancing
  • Predator and prey working together
  • Horses are masters of nonverbal communication
  • Being authentic and in the moment
  • Alane shares a story about a client healing from past experience with a horse
  • Ground work only with EAGALA model
  • Commonality between a horse herd and HSPs
  • Using horse language and applying it to humans with one another
  • Preventing burnout and overwhelm by “turning up your volume”
  • What is needed for HSPs to state their needs?
  • Practicing with horses in setting limits with family members or friends
  • What is linking and ranking?
  • Alane’s workshops and retreats with individuals and corporations
  • Why practicing skills is important
  • Healing from childhood wounds
  • How to reconnect to your intuition
  • A simple technique to reconnect to yourself
  • Tip for mothers
  • Self-care for our bodies
  • Three important messages from the horses

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