Dr. Tchiki Davis is a technology consultant, writer of the blog “Click Here for Happiness” for Psychology Today, and co-creator of online programs that have helped more than a million people worldwide find a bit more happiness.

Over the last few years, she has been researching and writing a new book, Outsmart Your Smartphone: Conscious Tech Habits for Finding Happiness, Balance, and Connection IRL. The book and related webinars, workshops, and talks help people use technology in ways that increase well-being, overcome the challenges that technology creates, and generally boost happiness in the context of an increasingly digital world.

In this episode-Outsmart Your Smartphone:

  • The seven steps to help you end your addiction to your smartphone
  • Dr. Tchiki Davis shares her why in writing the book on smartphones and tech
  • What smartphone syndrome is
  • How can we connect in a healthier way in real life through technology vs FOMO
  • Fear of criticism and reframing it for yourself
  • Translating how our real life interactions can be applied to both off line and online
  • Loneliness even with our technology
  • What are positive triggers in supporting you and your emotions
  • Improving your wellbeing through habits and practicing skills your not good at
  • Figuring out what your bad habits are and replacing them
  • Picking up your phone due to emotions vs healthier emotional regulation skills
  • Getting outside of your comfort zone
  • Reframing if you are creative or not
  • What is create your life protrayed
  • What is attention fatigue
  • Building resiliency vs burning out
  • Tchiki shares how writing this book impacted her own life and breaking free from her addiction with her phone
  • Facing her fears through writing this book and being vulnerable in her writing
  • How others can resonate with your stories