Katie Cross believes the power of books to change lives is unparalleled. Through her experience writing over twenty fiction novels, she uses the power of story to create transformation in non fiction books.

Not only is she a total book nerd, but she loves to cozy up to the fire in her home in the Colorado mountains and play Candyland with her four-year-old and one-year-old.

If you have dreamed of writing a non-fiction book, but do not have the time or may be curious about what ghostwriting is, then check out this episode.

In this episode-Ghostwriting:

  • How Katie and I met
  • Katie shares beginning to write when in first grade to how she now helps others write non-fiction
  • Why Katie pivoted in her career
  • What is ghostwriting?
  • How she helps entrepreneurs get their message out into the world
  • How books change people’s lives
  • Finding the tidbits and trusting your intuition as you read non-fiction
  • Top 2 fears that writers have
  • Katie shares the questions she asks clients
  • Do you need to be stressed out when writing a book?
  • What stage of life are you in
  • How time pressure can decrease your creativity process
  • How not to take feedback personally
  • Katie has written over 20 books
  • She shares her fantasy series for adolescent teen girls
  • What is “Cinderella syndrome
  • Miss Mable’s School for Girls series (this is an affiliate link)
  • Staying in your personal power
  • Nicole’s previous podcast-Launching Your Daughter
  • A fear Katie has faced and how she moves forward