Elizabeth Cush is a licensed clinical professional counselor, business owner and blogger in Annapolis, MD where she hosts the Woman Worriers podcast, a podcast for anxious women.

In her private practice, Progression Counseling, she helps men and women who feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out find more connection with themselves and others, allowing them to live their lives with more ease, intention, and purpose.

She’s worked in the mental health field for over 10 years and is a certified clinical trauma professional.

Elizabeth incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her psychotherapy work with individuals and groups.

In this episode-Group Work:

  • Elizabeth shares her journey in becoming a licensed psychotherapist
  • Perseverance pays off
  • Why is mindfulness useful in managing stress and anxiety
  • Reconnecting your mind and body
  • Reacting vs responding
  • Mindfulness is a practice
  • Naming it and listening to your body signals
  • Reframing how you experience anxiety
  • How is group work powerful in mindfulness
  • Allowing your own experience without judgment
  • Are you doing meditation “right”
  • Bringing mindfulness to daily activities
  • Mindfulness supports introversion
  • Are you truly in touch with your inner world
  • How mindfulness changed us as a heart-centered entrepreneur
  • Listening to your intuition and releasing perfectionism
  • Fears Elizabeth has faced and moved forward
  • Giving yourself permission to not be the “expert”
  • The game-changer of mindfulness
  • Growth edges
  • Healing happens in group work

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