Jac O’Keeffe is a spiritual teacher and author of two books; Born to Be Free and How to Be a Spiritual Rebel. She pushes the boundaries of the conditioned mind and encourages her students to engage their unique path with honesty, courage, and integrity. Jac has led retreats, workshops, and one on one sessions with students for over ten years. She has become known for her clarity and direct manner. Students who are drawn to her are dedicated and passionate about their spiritual lives, and appreciate the no-nonsense approach.

She flies in the face of spiritual concepts and exposes taboos that are usually avoided in spiritual circles. Her teachings cultivate wisdom, honesty and integrity. Jac’s deep knowing that awakening is only the beginning of wisdom ensures the continued discovery of her own edges of evolution. She walks her talk.

Jac is a founding member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI). This organization was established in 2017 by and for spiritual teachers to support one another in a process of psychological growth which in turn informs one’s spiritual maturation. The ASI aims to develop a network of resources for those in a role of leadership such as educational webinars, an evolving Code of Ethics and Good Practice for spiritual leaders, and Guidelines for Students.

In this episode-Spiritual Rebel:

  • Blending spirituality and psychology
  • Jac shares why she wrote the book
  • Innate fear to cultivating your courage
  • Quieting your mind to hear your core essence
  • Responding vs reacting (ep 45 Emotional Intelligence)
  • Jac shares her personal spiritual journey
  • Walking her talk in autonomous
  • How getting quite helped her find her essence
  • Trusting your deeper Self vs being driven from your mind
  • Playing small and letting go of defending ourselves
  • How Jac’s books progresses from beginner to more advanced
  • Leaning into the unknown and silence
  • Personality is an external expression of your identity
  • Self-acceptance and power of love
  • The outside world can reject us and you are still more
  • Inviting you to go deeper intto the knowing
  • Women taught not to listen to the inner wisdom
  • Ongoing personal growth and allowing
  • Nonduality and inclusion in growth
  • Doing your best in every moment
  • Jac shares being inspired by Mary Robinson-first female president in Ireland
  • Mary Robinson Founder and President of Realizing Rights: the Ethical Globalization Initiative
  • Jac’s goal is to make meaningful change to ordinary lives
  • What is under your goal to feel special

My spirit is what guides me on-Jac O’Keeffe

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