Marisa is an author, scholar, writing coach, and energy healer who teaches women how to embody and tell their own Sovereign stories. She has just released her first book with Paper Raven Books, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic.

Twenty years ago, when she was an American student studying in Ireland, Marisa discovered the myth and magic of the Sovereignty Goddess. Now, she combines her passion for Celtic mythology, Goddess spirituality, and Irish folklore with her feminist vision of creating an equitable world that is more beautiful, bearable, and bold.

Founder of the online community, the Sovereignty Writers Circle, and creator of the #7MagicWords Project, Marisa helps therapists, coaches, and other transformation professionals tell their authentic stories and build their businesses using her unique Sovereign Storytelling method. She’ll soon be leading in-person retreats near her home in New York’s Hudson Valley where she lives with her husband and daughters.

In this episode-Sovereign:

  • Marisa shares her journey and why she wrote her book
  • Power of story telling and incorporating writing prompts in the book
  • What Sovereignty means and what it doesn’t
  • The Celtic Goddess-bringing in the mythical, nature and spirituality
  • How Marisa daughter helped her simply the definition too!
  • Celts see things in “triple form”-cover shows the Celtic Knot-none fixed view point
  • Nondualistic thinking
  • How your soveign story can change
  • Three archetypes Marisa states in her book and why they are different than most traditional ones given
  • Embracing those different parts of yourself vs slaying them
  • The one who is adventurous, another one who does executive functioning, and the calming force
  • What are their shadows too
  • Owning our sovereignty also helps us support other women
  • Example of young activist
  • Changing the narrative of Agism episode 57
  • Where Marisa’s love for Ireland and Celtic traditions all started
  • When in Dublin realized looking for paganism and spirituality-following her soul’s calling
  • Being immersed and coming home to ancient places
  • How ancient places and traditions can call to you and help inform you
  • Tapping into the mystery and magic of the world “Let in the sparkle”
  • Meet the mythical hunger that is within you
  • Marisa’s hope for her daughters when they read her book

Items mentioned in show:

The tarot cards that Marisa usesThe Celtic Wisdom Deck

Marisa’s Book

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