Dr. Carmen Roman is the president of the non-profit Emotions in Harmony. Also the host of the three podcasts: Emotions in Harmony, Armonia Emocional and Inspirame.

Dr. Roman is a clinical psychologist licensed in California and Mexico with 27 years of experience. She offers you a combination of both cultures and both worlds of psychology. She specializes in trauma, sexual abuse, and immigration issues. Additionally, she has trained community leaders for 20 years in Mexico and USA using the model of empowerment suggested by popular education theory. 

Dr. Roman works mainly with couples and families. Some clinical issues she works with are anxiety, depression, fear, severe trauma, or low self-esteem. 

Based on Gestalt therapy she helps her clients to live with awareness, responsibility and in the here-and-now. Aided by the transpersonal psychology she addresses issues of spirituality, the use of meditation and shamanic experiences. She is a specialist in creative expression in therapy at master and Ph.D. levels. Thus, most likely you will work with creative expression tools you already have or will learn to ease your emotional healing. She is also a meditation teacher for the Insight Timer community.

In this episode-Shamanism:

  • What is shamanism?
  • How does a person become a shaman?
  • Why Carmen turned to a Shaman while going through her master’s program
  • Carmen shares her personal journey in working with shamanism and facing fears
  • The length of time she worked with him and his premonition for her
  • Carmen gives a personal example difference between shamanic work and therapy
  • Being clear on your role with others vs “taking on” another person’s issues
  • Practices used in shamanic work
  • Various spiritual practices and how they belong to the world
  • How shamanic work can help heal past trauma
  • Using practices that serve the client vs one size fits all
  • Trauma impacts many layers of person “but the Spirit is never damaged.”
  • Carmen’s work with immigrants and the traumas they have experienced
  • Letting people have their own journey in healing from a past trauma
  • Power of silence and practicing listening to your body and inner guidance
  • Life easier when connected with inner guidance
  • Reasons why people may fear hearing the guidance of Spirit
  • Price is high with instant gratification
  • Surrendering to the discomfort and quiet
  • Why she won’t call herself a shaman, but a priestess and healer
  • Being open to learning from others and finding a teacher
  • Following your intuition when exploring spiritual leaders and practices and not to do this one thing!
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