Here is our third installment Tamara and I promised you. We stated in episode 81 that at the end of the month, for 8 months, we are coming together to discuss some of the personal blocks that we and/or our clients struggle with being a female entrepreneur.

If you do not know Tamara is a returning guest. She was on episode 3. Tamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.”

Her work is specialized to help individuals break free from toxic cycles of distress, dysfunction, and dissatisfaction with life that are created when trying to live according to someone else’s rules.

Only by living what she calls radical autonomy, can one obtain soul nourishing relationships and a sense of true life purpose and inner peace. (Oh and we will be talking about this in our Mastermind group. You need to join in order to find out how you can create this in your life!)

In this episode-Magic of Liminal Space:

  • Previous episode 81 and  episode 85 with Tamara and I on busting limitations and shredding lables
  • What is liminal space or season of life?
  • Why is this space important?
  • Shadow work
  • Sitting in the discomfort
  • Visualizing the liminal space?
  • Allowing yourself to feel the emotions and stay in the present moment
  • Not holding onto the past in order to enjoy the current
  • Morning routine and power of silence
  • Bumping against the cultural message of doing vs being
  • Can’t always be in growth mode yet growth is normal
  • Two powerful questions to ask yourself
  • Are you standing in your own way?
  • Why does liminal space create fear?
  • False fear from the ego
  • Getting to your essence beyond the ego
  • Moving beyond the past trauma and healing
  • Discerning between ego and soul
  • Stepping into Soul: Shredding Labels and Limitations Mastermind
  • Science of soul
  • Removing the masks (ep 2-Good Girl)
  • Tamara shares two tips on how she embraces the day
  • Other questions to ask yourself
  • Nicole shares what supports her
  • Tamara shares her personal story of divorce and moving through liminal space
  • Moving through the growth and growing your bottom line in business

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon and receive a small portion of the sales, which helps me with continuing this podcast.

Books Mentioned:

The Awakened Woman:Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams by Tererai Trent PhD

Stepping into Soul: Shredding Labels and Limitations

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