Henriette Danel is a Strategic Business Coach and works with professional female entrepreneurs in the service-based industry to help them attract more clients, so that they can grow their revenue and businesses.

In this episode-Strategies:

  • Henriette shares her journey from being a manager in corporate to becoming a strategic coach
  • Why she enjoys working with female entrepreneurs
  • Henriette’s unique perspective of finding your purpose
  • How entrepreneurship helps you develop
  • Three elements she uses with her clients
  • The key you need to open your door
  • Myth of needing a million strategies for a business
  • Four strategies Henriette uses in her business and with her clients
  • How theses strategies build off one another
  • Elements plus strategy and building relationships/collaborations
  • Heneriette shares a personal example of how this works
  • Allowing things to flow in your business vs forcing it
  • How opportunities show up when you are in alignment and authentic
  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Pivoting when ego was in the way (ep 85 of beyond your labels)
  • Fear based thinking vs abundance thinking
  • What practice she used to shift her thinking
  • You are in control of your emotions and energy
  • Finding your rhythm and setting yourself up to succeed
  • Figuring out how to pivot when feeling stuck (ep 1 power of self-reflection)
  • A fear she overcame as an entrepreneur and improved her marriage
  • Leaning into your support system
  • Staying in your own lane
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