Diane (goes by Dee-Dee) Diaz is a registered mental health counselor intern in the state of Florida, with a passion for grief education, grief care, grief advocacy but she is really a Grief Agent. Born into a world of healing grief, she had experienced so many losses by the age of eighteen that she believed she knew everything there was to know about the grieving process. Her exposure to homicide, suicide, natural deaths, chronic illness, sudden deaths and traumatic deaths made her truly believe that. 

What else could there be? That belief was true until her only son Sergio died.

Through the tender moments and years that followed her greatest loss, she encountered many professionals who through no fault of their own, invalidated, minimized and avoided her grief. This was mainly due to their personal grief illiteracy.

Becoming an expert in her own grief, she turned her years of volunteering in the field, into a new career. Determined to help educate others in society where loss, death, dying and bereavement are still challenged with honest, compassionate and understanding conversations; her drive was propelled by her life long love of helping people and the shear determination that every professional and person has the capacity to compassionately connect with grievers with the time, gifts and talents they already posses.

Diane Diaz-MHC Intern and Grief Agent



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In this episode-Grief & Loss:

  • Dee Dee shares what has helped her navigate grief and do the work she is doing with others
  • Dispelling myths about grief
  • Similarity of laughter and grief
  • Death is more than the loss of a person
  • Other losses in life that can cause sadness, irritation, anger, and wanting to sleep more
  • Dee Dee shares personal examples of losses in her life and experiences high school seniors going through with pandemic
  • Adolescents and teenagers do not know how to process the everyday losses and behaviors parents may see
  • Collaborative grief and anticipatory grief
  • What is the difference between grief and loss
  • Neuroscience behind what we are experiencing
  • Routines, social distancing, and illusion of control
  • Us vs Them; either or thinking and its impact
  • After initial shock of coronavirus now people are experiencing this
  • What is ambiguous loss?
  • How loss is like a spider web
  • Tips and ways to cope during this time
  • Start with this
  • Why past grief can return
  • Gift of being in the moment
  • How we do “meaning making” and “finding purpose” everyday
  • Our soul is a bridge
  • Set time aside as a family to share/discuss what they are experiencing
  • Importance of mindset
  • How women can engage in a Sabbath
  • Anchoring your day in gratitude
  • Being home as an introvert (episode 91)
  • Why resting is more than sleeping and removing judgment from it
  • How after the death of her son her spiritual practice shifted and what Dee Dee did to cope
  • What we are being called to do now as a collective
  • When we have the need to fix or change something for another person