Megan Jo Wilson is the Founder and Ringleader of Rockstar Camp for Women based in Portland, Maine. In the last year and a half, she has graduated over 60 women (and 10 brave men) through her experiential Feminist Leadership Camp which gives Women the tools they need to sing on stage in a spotlight with a live band and a live audience for one night.

As they take these empowering tools off the stage and into their businesses, they expand their impact AND their income by sharing their message boldly and having a damn good time doing it.

She has been a Certified Co-Active Coach and Business Mentor for 16 years, she is a Certified Sound Healer, and the author of two Bestselling Business-Books: “Who The Fuck Am I to Be a Coach?!” and “Who the Fuck Am I to Be a Rockstar?!”

As a former “starving artist” of many years, Megan Jo’s BIG-SUPER-NOVA-MISSION is to redirect Financial Wealth, Power, and Influence into the hands of modern-day Healers and Magic-Makers.

*There is adult language used in this episode*

In this episode-Feminine Rockstar:

  • Megan Jo shares her journey starting out as a singer then becoming a coach
  • How the election of the president “awakened” her
  • The beginnings of Rockstar Camp and the divine plan
  • The missing piece in coaching and graduate programs
  • The “aha” as she taught Warriors Way program between men and women
  • What was holding women back in being seen and heard
  • Introverts can be singers, presenters- (Episode 26 on introversion vs anxiety)
  • Nicole shares a piece of Megan Jo’s book and the messages women receive
  • Playing the good girl and breaking free (episode 2)
  • Parts work (Internal Family System or Psychosynthesis) and facing fears in a safe container
  • Stepping onto stage in front of a live audience
  • Shine brightly doesn’t mean to “be happy” all the time
  • Megan Jo working with Marianne Williamson currently
  • Ego is always hungry
  • What is the feminine energy
  • Ways women can embrace feminine energy and unleash their inner rockstar
  • Using your masculine energy in supporting your new feminine ways
  • Are you open to receiving a compliment?
  • Sacred balance of masculine and feminine
  • How Megan Jo manages fears and vulnerability
  • This ONE thing she does even if she doesn’t feel like it
  • Power of prayer in grounding and expanding
  • Have a temper tantrum on purpose
  • Importance of having a sisterhood in your life
  • Breaking the message women are your competition

Women are trained well in the masculine..” Megan Jo Wilson

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