Robyn D’Angelo is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder of The Wild Grace Collective, which is a commUNITY for women to gather, grow, and heal together.

Robyn also owns The Happy Couple Experts of Orange County group practice where she and her team specialize in helping frustrated and disconnected couples learn to connect back to themselves and co-create love that’s deeply healing and fulfilling. She helps people get out of their heads and into their bodies to get to the root of what keeps them feeling stuck, lonely, and unfulfilled in life.

Robyn’s work with women is as a fellow traveler to help guide them on their unique journeys to connect to their authentic Selves. She uses a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, neuroscience plus the power of holding sacred space that heals. She feels most at home and grounded in nature, and if you’re ever hiking Southern California you can probably catch her on a local trail, saying hello to her fellow travelers.

In this episode-Friendship:

  • Robyn shares her journey from being in Corporate America in Marketing to Couples Counselor and now supporting women in loneliness to connected
  • Why is it important to have other women or sisters in your lives as a woman
  • Nicole shares two books on Girlfriends she read in her 20’s and the impact they had on her
  • Robyn discusses what can happen to women when not connected to other women in friendships (or sacred sisterhood)
  • We are wired for connection and belonging
  • Importance of highly sensitive women being in friendships with other HSP women
  • Both and in a friendship (Non-dualistic thinking)
  • Robyn shares a personal experience of female friendships during a difficult time in her life
  • Getting curious in who can I share information with and how can I ask for help
  • Releasing some friendships who are unable to support you
  • Stepping into a new level of vulnerability
  • Allowing yourself to be held in a friendship
  • Grieving the loss of friendships
  • Crossing paths with others and perfect timing
  • Letting go of old woundings or past hurts from female relationships
  • Brene Brown stating “it is hard to hate people up close” and holding space for women
  • Exploring do I want to move away or being bold and courageous is sharing your experience
  • What deep connection looks like for HSPs
  • Allowing vs pushing a relationship
  • Forgiving past trespassing
  • Clinching to those old stories or narrative there is no way for us to receive
  • Dropping the armor out of fear
  • Fear of letting go and rationalizing with “it is better than nothing”, “it’s ok enough..I guess..right?”
  • No longer settling and it is ok to want more
  • Doing soul work-your essence (episode 1 self-reflection/contemplation)
  • Inflow equals open to receive
  • Importance of slowing down
  • What is GDS?
  • Asking this question vs stating what we don’t want
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Moments of silence
  • What is Reiki (episode 67)

Books Mentioned:

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Girlfriends: Invisible Bonds, Enduring Ties

A Girlfriends Gift: Reflections on the Extraordinary Bonds of Friendship

If you are a highly sensitive woman and love what you do professionally yet struggle with overwhelm, I invite you to watch this free workshop.