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Lynn Dutrow is a licensed psychotherapist and Compassionate Ass Kicker coach located in Maryland.  Lynn has a passion for encouraging others to opt out of overwhelm, slap their self-doubt silly, and to stop waiting for the imposter police to show up at their door. She has been a student of human nature as long as she can remember and has a variety of experiences including being an educator, school psychologist, and motorcycle salesperson. 

When she grows up Lynn hopes to be an inspiration for others to empower themselves and is currently working toward that dream by having a private practice as a coach and counselor specializing in encouraging clients to embrace their stress and anxiety and to use them to grow and expand.  She also encourages helpers, healers, and creatives to talk back to their doubts and fears and is their accountability partner in being the business beacons they desire to be.

In this episode:

  • How societal messages tell us to fight against anxiety
  • How entrepreneurs can manage their fears and worries
  • Action steps in taking back the control vs anxiety control you
  • Lynn shares her morning routine
  • Steps in “talking back” to your voice of doubt (VOD)
  • How to win the game of “what-if”
  • Making anxiety external and Lynn’s name for her anxiety “trio”
  • Why Lynn swears and the intention behind it
  • Staying congruent with you vs looking outside yourself-imposter syndrome
  • Lynn discusses her own fears that arose during the conversation and embracing our humanness
  • Why she uses humor and how it increases compassion
  • There is no one tool to use to manage your fears and worries
  • The main antidote for anxiety
  • What has helped Lynn stayed inspired and in taking action, even as an introvert

If you want more of Lynn talking back to Anxiety then hop on over to www.thecompassionateasskicker.com and check out her free 3-part audio series to help therapists, healers, and Type A’s learn how to talk back to their Anxiety.