Stacey Horn is a Helper, a Healer and is releasing some of the labels she has acquired in life-believing they validated her ability to help others. Stacey helps wellness professionals-therapists, coaches, hypnotists, nutritionists and trainers recognize their clients in a way that clients feel seen and understood from the very first session. She feels her purpose in life is to help professionals move away from labels and any focus on differences, so they become more curious about other people experience the world and meet them there.

Stacey loves to explore Our Inner Design and helping people understand themselves at a deeper level, and learn to deeply understand and connect with the people in their world (along with learning their temperaments). She loves working with Mothers and daughters at any age to bridge differences and experience more connection. She also passionate about Hypnosis as a way to make changes in one’s life in a deep and transformative way.

In this episode:

  • Temperaments are our core and design
  • Our drives, urges and more
  • Type vs temperaments
  • History of the four types-SJ (46% of people), SP (40% of people), NT (8% of people) and NF (6% of people)
  • Stacey shares how she supports healers and helping professionals connect with clients-coming from client perspective
  • Removing the labels and masks
  • Not doing the work that others need to do for themselves
  • Giving yourself permission to explore your inner wisdom
  • Coming from a place of curiosity and inclusion vs exclusion
  • Various personality tests and the one Stacey uses with her clients
  • Introversion vs Extroversion is about how you restore your “batteries” or your energy
  • How do you take in information about the world (S or N)
  • How do you make decisions (T or F)
  • What is your lifestyle preference (J or P)
  • Knowing the different temperaments can help with parenting, being a teacher, at the workplace and relationships
  • Gifting herself as a parent and gaining insight about her own mother/daughter relationships
  • Stacey shares her self-care ways and in shifting the type of services she offers
  • Attempting to build a business using extroverted methods don’t work for introverted business women
Stacey Horn, Mentor and Hypnotherapist, discusses the power of understanding temperaments



Special Offer: 

Stacey always offers a free 30-minute consultation. If you tell her you’ve heard her on The Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast, and she will take $75 off a session.