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Keri Nola is a serial soulful Entrepreneur, expressing her work as a Best-Selling Author, Retired Psychotherapist, Energetic Visionary, Podcaster, Oracle Card Creator and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. While building and maintaining an abundant clinical practice for over a decade, Keri’s work has since evolved to support Light Workers in awakening their gifts through mentorship, products, programs, and retreats. She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart-centered conversation that allows healers to activate their healer archetype and bring their precious light to the planet at this special time of humanity’s evolution.

In this episode:

  • Shadow of seriousness and shifting to being and playfulness
  • Keri defines shadow work and the gift of doing the work
  • How not accepting all parts of ourselves impacts our lives
  • Keri shares a personal example and explains how this holds a mirror energetically for others to give themselves permission to go within
  • How giving ourselves permission has come before us and ripples out from us to others
  • Being (or becoming) aware of our power and the impact it has on our planet – may not give ourselves permission to go deeper
  • Shadow of scarcity
  • Staying curious and allowing more abundance into our life
  • When we forget our enoughness we are seduced by external factors
  • Dance between belonging to the world and to ourselves
  • How we Love one another
  • How to know when a shadow has been activated
  • What would change in your life if you explored all triggers from a place of curiosity
  • Each of us is responsible to do our own shadow work and helps remove blaming others or excluding one another
  • How shadow work challenges who “I thought I was” and the labels
  • How forgiveness allows more love into your life
  • Having grace for yourself opens up grace for others
  • Keri’s path of mentorship and staying connected to the body
  • How Keri’s Messages from Shadow deck was born-energetically attuned cards and chakras
  • Keri pulled Abandonment card for the collective