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Nicole Burgess is a licensed marriage and family therapist and empowerment mentor/coach for women in midlife who are ready to break free from the good girl mask and blaze her own soul-filled trail. I supports women in tuning back into their own inner wisdom and connect from mind, body, spirit. I, myself, am an introverted and highly sensitive person.

In today’s episode, I go deeper into the work that Elaine Aron has done over the years about the highly sensitive person (HSP) traits, ways to take care of yourself if you are an HSP or help shed some light if you are in a relationship with an HSP or raising an HSP child. In episode 10, I will be speaking with Julie Bjelland about parenting an HSP child and/or being an HSP parent with non-HSP children. Episode 11, I am speaking with April Snow about raising awareness and supporting clients who are HSPs. Plus her work in raising awareness for psychotherapists and healers in ending the comparison game to non-HSPs colleagues.

Nicole Burgess-Licensed Psychotherapist, Introvert Empowerment Mentor, and Podcast host

In this episode:

  • Elaine Aron has been researching high sensitivity since 1991
  • Traits of a highly sensitive person (HSP) also called Sensory-Processing Sensitivity (SPS)
  • 70% are introverts and 30% are extroverts
  • Just as many men as women who are highly sensitive
  • Can be an HSP and sensation seeking person
  • What DOES is and means: Depth of processing, Overarousability, Emotional Intensity, and Sensory Sensitivity
  • Depth of processing-functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies-brain activities in particular areas are activated-deeper processing and reflect more.
  • Overarousability-Easily Overstimulated/Overaroused-too bored or too overstimulated and going for an optimal level.
  • Emotional Intensity-Emotionally Responsive/Reactive-Prone to strong positive and negative affects whereas nonsensitives in the same given situation will have emotions but maybe not as strongly.
  • Sensory Sensitivity-Usually arises from a processing of stimuli-can manifest as low threshold, ability to distinguish subtleties, and sometimes low tolerance for high levels of sensory input often all 3 present.
  • If you had a difficult childhood (abusive, lack of emotional support, trauma) can be more prone to have anxiety or depression but if it had positive and warm or securely attached, childhood no more susceptible than non-HSP.
  • Personality highly inherited
  • 5 ways you can learn more about yourself or HSP

Elaine Aron’s Website  

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If you are ready to uplevel your life by rediscovering your passion, set healthier boundaries, overcome fears and embrace the spiritual side of you, then I invite you to schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call today!