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High Achieving Women in Midlife

What is Your Inner Power as an Animal

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From the outside, it looks like you have a perfect life. Your successful, people look up to you, and you’re considered a leader.


They don’t know that things on the inside often feel like something is missing.

An emptiness.

When you wake up you’re already tired.

You always keep a smile on your face, you know you “should” be grateful for what you have, but…. you’re not fulfilled, and deep down you know it.

Nicole Burgess Soul-Led Leadership Coach to High Achieving Women in Midlife


There was a time when life felt exciting, but here in midlife you’re feeling lost.  

A lot of smart, high-achieving women are deep in a numbing cycle of excessive work, eating, drinking, shopping, social media, or exercise.

They read all the self-help books. They go to yoga, they tick meditation off the to-do list each morning, but they still wonder…

What’s wrong with me?

That’s where I come in.

Here’s what smart high-achievers (like you?) don’t realize: 

Our search for meaning needs to start with “me.” 

But as we step into leadership roles that are usually built on outdated, patriarchal ideals, WE GET LOST. 

We are forced out of connection with ourselves, trying to fit the leadership mold.

We lose touch with our intuition, our hearts, our gut instincts–all the things that make us powerful leaders (and happy people) in the first place!

Until we find ME-aning in our lives again, until we get back to our natural place of being soul-led, nothing will work quite right.

We’ll feel disconnected.


A little lost and alone…while still looking successful on the outside!

I’m Nicole Burgess, I’m the Soul-Led Leadership Coach. 

Soul-Led (Verb): Following your inner wisdom, intuition, and living in alignment with your values. Facing your fears and doubts with love and self-compassion. Finally feeling like the REAL you after many years of trying to fit yourself into everyone else’s mold.

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