Amanda Walker is a Healthstyle Coach who empowers women to feel amazing naked.  She is the creator of the Feel Amazing Naked Program and the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast and the blogger behind,   Amanda has overcome a life of “yo-yo dieting” and using food to cope with her emotions to create total food freedom for herself.  She has now guided thousands of men and women to conquer the fear and confusion that was once keeping them stuck.

Amanda uses a “WHOLE”istic, no B.S., approach to coaching and blends strategy, skill and mindset to help clients unearth the root causes of their struggles with food, body and mind to help them create the life they crave.  She is passionate about challenging clients to create more time in their life for healthy living and giving them tools to get out of their own way to lead their fullest life possible.  Amanda is also Mom of two, a wife to a fellow entrepreneur, and coaches CrossFit to stay actively involved in the fitness community.

In this episode-Health:

  • 1:33 How Amanda found the wonderful work she does as a health style coach?! 
  • 3:56 Women are the most educated and empowered they’ve ever been historically, and yet we are the most victimized when it comes to dieting culture and misinformation around food and our health.
  • 4:41 What does “eating clean” really accomplish? You’d be surprised…
  • 5:11 Energy in and energy out of the body. 
  • 6:28 Exactly what Amanda believes in for our bodies
  • 7:28 It’s so important to do our inner work before we focus on our outer changes
  • What can set us off course and what are some practical tips to staying on the path of healthy living?
  • 11:05 When we live life in a reactive manner we eat in a reactive manner
  • 12:54 Is eating healthy really as costly as people say?
  • 13:50 What you choose to believe is what you’re going to feel on this path
  • 16:00 The costs of eating poorly you might not realize
  • 19:00 Who has inspired Amanda most on this journey?

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