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April Snow is a psychotherapist in downtown San Francisco who specializes in helping Highly Sensitive Clients reduce overwhelm and have more fulfilling relationships.  She is also the creator of the Highly Sensitive Therapist Facebook community and the site, sensitivetherapist.com.  April is on a mission to raise awareness about this innate trait that exists in 20% of the population. Also important to her is helping Highly Sensitive Therapists embrace their Sensitive Strengths, stop comparing themselves to their non-HSP colleagues and build more sustainable and fulfilling practices to suit their temperament so they can do their best work. She helps them create unique lifestyles that support their strengths.

In this episode:

  • Learn about Innate Trait-Temperament variation
  • D.O.E.S. acronym and its meaning
  • The brain has more blood flow in areas that are activated
  • April shares her personal journey about learning about HSP through graduate school and desire to raise awareness to other psychotherapists to prevent burn out and compassion fatigue
  • Steps in how to thrive under optimal conditions as an HSP
  • Beginning your day with ease to keep nervous system from being amped up
  • Ways to stay ahead of the exhaustion
  • Importance of boundaries and unstructured time
  • Incorporating self-compassionate and mindfulness skills
  • Slowing down before reaching exhaustion point
  • Self-acceptance and you are needed in this world
  • HSP make up 1.4 billion people in the world (20% of the population)
  • Increasing your own self-love increases your love for others
  • April shares tips on how to help reduce the overwhelm in creating your day and your week
  • Power of self-reflection and turning off electronics
  • Creating a lifestyle that works for you both personally and professionally
  • The power of saying “NO” and letting go of activities that don’t serve you

“Taking time for quiet is essential. It is not optional” per April