Five Steps in Managing Overwhelm

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, and/or a parent being “overwhelmed” seems more of the norm these days vs living life on purpose. Two years ago I was making some changes in my business and added another service. I was moving along well for the first few months and gave myself grace for feeling more stress at the beginning because I was learning a new skill and stepping outside my comfort zone. I began to feel more and more overwhelmed because I didn’t consistently create a plan and follow it. Instead, I kept going from task to task and it was like putting out fires all the time vs slowing down and doing the parts I am skilled at and letting go of other tasks that no longer served me or my business.

Setting an intention to be healthier, more organized, more present is great, but you need to create a plan.

Step 1: Explore one area of your life you feel overwhelmed-home life, work life, spirituality, parenting, health

Step 2: Write down why you feel overwhelmed

Step 3: What would be different in your life if this part of your life felt less overwhelming? What more would you be able to do if this part was more in a state of flow?

Step 4: Create a plan for how you can change this one area of your life

Step 5: Take inspired action. Each small step you take changes your life’s path. Once you have developed this as a new habit repeat it in another area of your life. Or did it automatically change some other areas because you did something different?


Do you want to feel less stressed out about meals, then begin to gather recipes you and/or family members love to it. Check out this video for meal planning

Kids have multiple activities to attend but there is only one of you? Create a shared calendar (like Google calendar) that you and your partner can use to keep a visual on what is coming in the family calendar. Ask for support in picking up children. Maybe you begin a carpooling group with other parents in those activities.

Maybe your feeling overwhelmed with the various a managerial tasks you have at work. Begin to explore what tasks do you truly need to do that helps you be the best manager you are and what tasks can you delegate?

Maybe you write down your to-do list and just that act alone overwhelms you. Now it is time to break it down into steps and prioritize them.

It is slowing down vs speeding up to help you gain clarity on what you want more of in your life.  I know it is counterintuitive. Creating a plan each day, taking inspired action daily, helps you feel more in control of your life vs life is controlling you.

It is your life and only YOU can make the changes you desire.

If you are ready to take the next steps and be held accountable for creating the life you love, I invite you to schedule a free 20-Minute Consult.

Nicole Burgess is an LMFT and Empowerment Leader to professional women who are tired of struggling with the self-doubt, worry cycle, and ready to go to the next level in midlife. Because it is possible to create a fulfilling life. You are brave and you are worth it!