About Nicole

Introverted, highly sensitive, multi-passionate entrepreneur, creative, intuitive, soul-led, spiritual, self-leadership coach- that’s me. 

Sometimes quiet yet I can be fierce in setting boundaries, questioning inner stories, and in assisting other women in owning their abilities and gifts.

I knew I was different from a young age and discovered that I was an introvert when I was about 23. That changed a lot for me. I was getting my undergraduate degree in accounting because it was “safe” and “guaranteed income” per my parents’ well-meaning guidance. But the longer I worked in the field, the more drained of energy I became and felt my soul being crushed.

I then took another detour and became a Business Analyst where I could teach (another love of mine behind learning) on systems and change management across the United States and parts of Europe.

This too was an attempt to fit into an extroverted role that left me exhausted and overstimulated.

All my life, I’d fallen into the good-girl trap of doing what I “should” instead of what I “wanted”.  I felt so out of balance like I was living someone else’s life.

I desperately wanted to do something where I could serve others directly and dive deep into the human psyche.

So, I said goodbye to the corporate world, took a leap of faith, and got my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology specifically in Transpersonal Psychology (Mind, Body, & Spirit).

That’s when my life’s path became more congruent and aligned with my soul’s calling.

Why I Do What I Do? (My Mission)

My conviction is helping other ambitious women in midlife—women just like you—go from being driven by fears to living a soul-led life. 

As a clinically trained coach, I blend the skills I have learned as a licensed psychotherapist (asking powerful questions, releasing outdated beliefs, boundary-setting, etc) along with practical action steps with spirituality and introspection.

Spirituality to me is not “woo” it is a necessity for living a conscious, deeply fulfilling, and intentional life.

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