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Nicole Burgess has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching introverted and high achieving women business owners and change makers in ending the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, demote their inner critic, and breaking free from the perfectionism thief, so they can do what they love without burning out.

She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Indiana and  Empowerment Coach to HSPs and introverts.

Even though Soulfilled Sisterhood is not primarily focused on parenting I thought I would do a bonus episode to give support to those of you who are parents. Please remember together we are stronger. Be kind to one another. 

In this episode-Parenting:

  • If your child doesn’t have a specific time to start online school let them sleep in some
  • Let go of “doing it all” especially if you are working from home
  • If have younger child(ren) shift your expectations around their education requirements
    • Emotional Support and love most important right now
    • Home Schooling is not a full 8 hour day
  • Look at starting or restarting family meetings (LYD episode 03 Link)– link to Launching Your Daughter 
  • Ask your child if they need a hug-do not force hugging. 
  • Allow your child to feel their feelings.
    • Listen to them without attempting to fix it.
    • Ask them how you can support them.
    • Ask if they are open to feedback
  • Create structure
    • Change your clothes,
    • Create 3 to 4 big chunks of time per day to do an activity
  • You have heard me say this over and over on the podcast but I will say it again—-Please make sure you are creating self-care time for you-will decrease yelling at one another, feeling overwhelmed, and help you stay in the front part of your brain where you coping skills are, rationalizing and thinking skills are
  • Take small breaks from one another-go outside, separate room, stretch/exercise, listen to soothing music, do meditation, etc

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Tuesday March 31st at 11am EST