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This asssessment is not a psychological test nor are your results meant to diagnose or indicate a medical or mental health condition.

If you only checked off a couple boxes, then overall the odds are you are managing your fears vs them managing you. The more boxes you checked the greater the odds are you have perfectionist beliefs and behaviors that are impacting your life. There is no need to panic though because you now have more information and have brought some things to your consciousness. This is good news.

What now?

If you haven’t listend into episodes 72, 73 and 74 on Soulfilled Sisterhood please go check them out.

In the mean time if your inner critic, fear gremlins or old inner stories  are getting in the way of you taking healthy strides in life, self-improvement, or reaching your full potential… It’s time to get curious and see if there is a specific triggers for when those thoughts and behaviors come forward. Tapping may help to shift some of those beliefs.

Listen to episode one on contemplation or episode on Rewriting your inner story

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Why delay your opportunity in shifting your life from fear-based perfectionist thinking to empowered, calm, and connected way of living in your business/career and relationships?