Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D. PMH-C, is a psychologist certified in perinatal mental health and the creator and host of the Mom & Mind Podcast. She was drawn to this specialty after going through Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD with her first child.  Dr. Kat supports mothers and families in her private practice in Southern California.

She is a trainer and board member for Postpartum Support International. Dr. Kat offers training and education and advocacy in perinatal mental health to her to local community and worldwide.

In this episode:

  • Kat shares her personal journey into how and why she specializes in perinatal mental health with women and family members
  • She is on a mission to raise awareness and educate
  • Her soul awakening journey
  • What is postpartum and its impact on mothers
  • Top 3 perinatal mood disorders that most people know of
  • Kat shares other clinical diagnoses within postpartum and range of symptoms
  • Being well kempt and house clean is not a sign all is well with the mom
  • Myths of motherhood
  • The catch-22 for mom with postpartum
  • Needs of an HSP (highly sensitive person) mom different
  • Kat shares her discovery of being HSP and reflecting on what she would have done differently with the knowledge she has now
  • Assessing for HSP traits  (episode 9)
  • Taking care of your brain and nervous system
  • Self-care tips for mothers
  • Dealing with overstimulation
  • Power of knowing yourself deeper
  • Being in nature to calm your system
  • Incorporating self-care to be a better mom, partner, person
  • Breaking free from the self-sacrificing mother persona
  • Permission slips and forgiveness
  • Finding your support
  • Being a mompreneur and what supports Kat in her business and life
  • The power of two letters
  • Time committments and managing energy
  • Ways she supports her depth of processing
  • Boundaries vs people-pleasing and letting fear drive your life
  • Self-acceptance through reflection (episode1)
  • Partinal mood disorders are treatable and not your fault
  • HSP Assessment by Dr. Elain Aron
  • Postpartum Support International website

Nicole Burgess is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Leadership Coach to sensitive and high achieving professional women in midlife. Over the last fifteen years she has coached, guided and collaborated with over a 1,000 women. She helps them demote their inner critic, embrace their fears through action, and grow professionally without sacrificing their personal life. As a result, they are more productive at work, have more meaningful relationships, and no longer sacrifice their well-being for others.  

Nicole is an INFJ, HSP and recovering perfectionist herself and began her career as an Accountant then Business Analyst. She offers both individual and group coaching.

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