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Shirani M. Pathak is the founder of the Center for Soulful Relationships and an innovator in the world of relationships, inviting us to look at how our relationship with ourselves shapes every relationship around us. Trained as a psychotherapist and energy healer, her work incorporates the integration of psychotherapy, spirituality, and energy healing to help women awaken to their true power and potential, and achieve wholeness in the process. Her additional special interest is in helping other therapists to learn how to ethically integrate the realms of psychotherapy and spirituality into their practices as well. Shirani has been featured in Redbook, Best Life, Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, Bustle, Hello Giggles, She Knows, She Owns It, and various other publications and podcasts.

In this episode:

  • Shares her journey in becoming a social worker and incorporating other roles and ambitions she had as a child.
  • Shirani discusses her family of origin as being open to spirituality and practices plus the impact of a twelve step program
  • How clients wanted to share own spiritual beliefs
  • When spirituality isn’t shared how it can be ‘cutting off of Self’
  • Old model is creating “silos” of the different parts of ourselves vs new way is including
  • Her work with other psychotherapists in bringing spirituality into their practices
  • Healing past wounds around spirituality
  • How pausing, checking in with yourself, and self-reflecting helps us grow
  • Addressing your fears around incorporating spirituality into private psychotherapy practices
  • Explore your own fears around honoring your spiritual practice and ways to bring it into your practice ethically
  • Continuing to stay aware of own transference and countertransference in therapy
  • Staying in alignment with yourself and owning your own power
  • Stay curious to go deeper into your own inner wisdom
  • Exploring your shadows and bringing them forward
  • Bringing love and compassion for yourself as you go through your journey
  • Having a support system-your tribe-holding space for you
  • Shirani’s sacred times are mornings- “mornings are for me”
  • Self-care practice is a necessity, not a luxury

Nicole Burgess Introvert Empowerment Mentor

CEO of Burgess Counseling and Consulting LLC

I help introverted, highly sensitive, intuitive and spiritual women break free from the Good Girl facade and live a more soul-filled life.