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Annie Schuessler is a business coach for therapists and the creator of The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program and the podcast Therapist Clubhouse. She helps private practice entrepreneurs build profitable and fulfilling businesses by leveraging their unique superpowers.

In this episode:

  • Annie shares when she figured out she was introverted
  • Learning your pace to maintain your energy level
  • Embracing “business geek” part and developed her business around this strength
  • Evolution of her creating her coaching business
  • Looking at her process and the successes of private practice owners in deepening each person’s “superpowers”
  • Leveling up her business
  • When you are more clear on who you are and being in alignment can create a better foundation for your business
  • Introversion is different than extroversion and business building is different-can push yourself vs hustle
  • Managing energy levels and preventing burn out-finding your rhythm
  • How blocking time or scheduling specific tasks helps you and your business
  • Exploring if you over or under estimate how much time it takes for tasks
  • Prioritizing and celebrating successes
  • Working in your super powers AND going outside your comfort zone
  • Two questions to explore to discover more about yourself
  • Nicole shares what came up for her with the questions
  • Self-reflection-episode one

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