Soul Led Leadership Coaching


When we are sensitive, just walking through our day to day life can be stressful. Life doesn’t reward the quiet, we are bullied around and tossed to and fro. It feels like success and recognition just aren’t meant for us. Introversion can feel like a curse.

Here’s a secret. Being introverted and/or a highly sensitive woman is beautiful! In fact, it’s a powerful motivator! You have untapped strengths of resilience and empathy; of creativity and great focus. You just need to learn how to harness them.

That’s why I am committed to helping sensitive women flourish. This work is for you if you:

  • Feel hesitant or anxious about new situations and new people—you want to make a leap, yet you’re scared.
  • Know that you’re on the burnout track—you know you need to strike a better balance, but you’re just not doing it.
  • Are making great progress in your career, yet you’re still not convinced—inside you’re quaking in your boots and you feel like an imposter.
  • Feel disorientated by the roles you’ve ended up in—you’ve spent a lifetime being who others wanted you to be—You don’t know who you are anymore, but you’re ready to find out!
  • Are losing your connection with your intuition or your inner guidance—and want to return to your spiritual path to come into alignment with your values, your beliefs and your love of truth.

If any of these scenarios seem familiar know that there is another way.

I’m Nicole.

I’m here to tell you that you can ask for more.

I work with goal-oriented, high-achieving, and sensitive women – women just like you – who have spent their lives trying to fit into a mold that just isn’t working. I can help you strike the balance between empowering yourself and contributing to this world. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want from life, or you need some help discovering what you’re really capable of, I’m here to guide you.

Together we can:

-Deeply explore and clarify your purpose and values
-Feel more certain about what you want and speak your truth
Negotiate boundaries for stronger, more grounded and authentic relationships
-Harness your strengths to create the balanced lifestyle you are passionate about
-Be a confident and inspiring role model for other females
-Have more compassion for yourself and expand

Why Invest in Your Own Transformation?

You’re bright and articulate and resilient, and I know want to figure this out for yourself. Introverts are incredibly self-sufficient. It takes a lot for us to open up and talk about our inner desires.

But if you’re here and still reading, you’re probably frustrated that you’re not getting much further on your own.

As an empowerment coach, I believe your introversion is a strength and you can use it to achieve your goals. Like you, I am convinced that every woman is an expert in herself. We all have a secure inner compass that guides us through life and important decisions, and we’re happiest when we’re following our own true path.

The goal of coaching is not to tell you where to go or to bring you ready-made solutions. It’s to help you get to know yourself, accept yourself, and develop real confidence in your own special qualities. That’s how we change your perspective and begin to implement actions that work with, not against, your introvert side. To harness all the power that comes with being sensitive. It’s how we realign your path with YOUR true north.

How My Empowerment Coaching Works

Every mentor or coach has her own philosophy and her own way of doing things.

I believe this is a collaborative experience and you are driving the change.

We begin our work together in exploring your core values – what drives your decisions in relationships, work, finances, and life.

We explore the top three or four areas of your life that are not congruent or in alignment with your values.

In our work together, I weave in mindset challenges through mindfulness and spiritual practices – which I believe are a key tool for happiness – along with practical action steps to help you become the woman you envision.

I believe in letting you run at your own pace – discover what your inner wisdom is telling you, then moving towards your goals with purpose.

Coaching isn’t therapy.

It looks forward not backwards, is action-oriented, and it focuses on solutions.

I’m here to show you the truth about your strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased perspective and support you in (re)discovering who you REALLY are.

That’s the foundation.

Discovering how your life should look based on your internal values—as opposed to the external “shoulds”—allows you to visualize success on your own terms.

We then strategize a plan for you. You’ll be empowered to continue the work we’ve done and so grateful for the immeasurable benefits that will show up in your life.

Investment begins at $1,700 USD for a 3 consecutive months (total of six sessions every other week).

  • Sessions are 50 minutes and conducted over Zoom or phone.
  • Additional handouts and meditations are given during our time together.
  • Email or Voxer access between sessions

What Is The Next Step: A Simple Phone Call

If you’ve been curious about coaching, don’t put it off any longer.

No more thinking you’re not good enough.

Now is the time!

On your 45 minute Clarity Call, we’ll get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

We’ll discuss your goals, the obstacles in your path, and begin brainstorming how we can start to overcome what’s holding you back.

Outcomes my clients have experienced

  • Boost your personal power as an introvert so life costs less energy and others appreciate your unique contribution—introversion is your strength, embrace it!
  • Making your point confidently so you can increase your influence in a calm and effortless way—you have such valuable things to say!
  • Daring to speak up for what you stand for as a highly sensitive person instead of worrying what others think—you are courageous and brave!
  • Feeling deeply understood, supported, and energized—and using that clarity to move forward!
  • Building rich and meaningful relationships where you get as much as you give—you deserve to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you!
  • Breaking free of the fear that you just “don’t have what it takes” to follow your heart’s desire— you’re too talented to play small!
  • Rising above fears, shyness, and self-judgment and actually taking steps to reach your goal— you have what it takes to be successful!

You will stop feeling disconnected from your life because you’re compliant and unassuming, and you’ll start re-stoking your own inner fire.

Together, we’ll make the things you want to achieve a daily habit so you can bring your valuable gifts to the world.