Individual Coaching for High Achieving

and Sensitive Professional Women


Do you find yourself saying…

“But that makes me selfish.”

“Others will complain.”

“My work won’t get done!”

“I won’t be promoted or get ahead at work anymore.”

“Who will freaking cook and clean if not me?”

“I’ll harm my relationships if I ask for what I really need.”

“My business will tank if I take too much time for me.”

It’s time to unlearn these “untrues.”

You can put yourself first and still have a successful career or business, fulfilling home life and meaningful friendships.

What if I took that a step further and told you that you NEED to put yourself first if you want to experience a life where you have your needs and your desires fulfilled?

It’s true.

The biggest stressor I see with women I work with is they’re trying to do it all, often at their own expense.

They are spread so thin there’s no room for error let alone time for a massage, exercise, romance, lunch with friends, and everyday soul support that should be NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Your co-workers, family, and friends will be OKAY if you learn to put yourself first.

It won’t happen overnight, but I can help you.

Go on, I dare you to be the center of your universe and give yourself the attention your soul had been craving.

Schedule a call to find out if we’re a perfect match to work together.

“I walked away believing in myself and with the tools to continue the work I started with Nicole.”

“The coaching sessions I completed with Nicole were the most healing, confidence building, and heart mending work I have ever experienced in my healing journey. And I now see and wholeheartedly believe that this was one of the best things I have ever done to practice self-love.

Nicole’s process made me dig deeper than any other work I had ever completed. Her passion for her work and compassion for her clients is nothing less than pure and amazing! She is there every single step of the way. I felt empowered and excited. And she called me out on my “fluff” in the most accepted and kind way when I needed it the most.” — Laura McGee

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You seek outside guidance instead of trusting your gut instincts and decisions you feel are right?
  • You ask the opinions of others when you don’t really agree with them.
  • You’re in a leadership role, but it’s draining your energy instead of feeling rewarding.
  • You work non-stop and don’t see how you can put work aside to recharge.
  • It’s too frustrating to delegate because no one can do it as well as you can and it takes more energy to fix other people’s mistakes anyway.
  • You find yourself trying to spare your co-workers from working too much, you may as well just help out more so they don’t have to feel burned out too!
  • You’ll make decisions both at work and home to keep the peace, even at the expense of your own well-being.
  • Romance takes a back seat to work and other obligations.
  • Agreeing to things is easier than saying “no”, even though it’s not what you  want (Hello! Reformed people pleaser right here 🙋🏻‍♀️)

It’s beyond time to put yourself first and get what you want out of life.

I frequently work with Highly Sensitive Professionals, High Achievers, and women who fall into the “good girl” trap who were often raised with this idea of people-pleasing and find it hard to let it go–because who wants to disappoint people?

Putting your needs at the top of your list, should inspire others, not disappoint them.

“I’ve leveled up a notch (or three!)”

“My working together with Nicole was very profound on so many levels. I am convinced that my time with her coincided at just the right moment in my life to really hear the messages and do the work. The coincidences that occurred and the paths that were opening for me were directly related to our sessions in an almost uncanny way, so much so, that I have grown to expect it now.” –Laura Vaillancourt MA, LMHC, GMHS

Nicole Burgess Soul Led Leadership Coach

I was once a people-please too! To the extreme that I went to college for a major, that didn’t even fit my personality because it seemed like a solid career (according to others!)

Until one day I just could not stand it. THIS was not the life I was meant to live and it didn’t allow for me to just be who I was.

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and on the introverted side and going against who I am at heart – felt really crappy if I’m being honest.

I got off the “living my life for others” tract and went to school to become a licensed therapist.

I was once a people-please too! To the extreme that I went to college for a major, that didn’t even fit my personality because it seemed like a solid career (according to others!)

Until one day I just could not stand it. THIS was not the life I was meant to live and it didn’t allow for me to just be who I was.

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and on the introverted side and going against who I am at heart – felt really crappy if I’m being honest.

I got off the “living my life for others” tract and went to school to become a licensed therapist.

Over the years I discovered just how many women go against their true nature and needed help setting boundaries and supporting the change of putting themselves first, which ultimately allowed for such a soul-led, empowering life that trying to be who they aren’t just isn’t an option anymore.

Even women in highly visible leadership roles were struggling with finding harmony when it came to life outside of the office.

From there I created an Empowerment Coaching business so I can expand beyond the confines of being a licensed therapist to bring in all the spiritual and emotionally supportive tools I have at my disposal and any additional support methods my clients will benefit from.

Creating true change for myself…all started with me wanting more and knowing that it wasn’t right not to get EVERYTHING I wanted out of life.

If you aren’t getting everything you want out of life and feeling empowered to make decisions that feel good for YOU..I highly encourage you to schedule a call to see if we’re a fit to work together.

Because if not now? When?

Schedule a call if you’re ready to put yourself as a priority!

My private Empowerment Coaching Clients receive:

  • A collaborative experience and you are driving the change.
  • An exploration of your core values – what drives your decisions in relationships, work, finances, and life?
  • We explore the areas of your life that are not in alignment with your values. I’ll show you how if one area is off.
  • In our work together, I weave in mindset challenges through mindfulness and spiritual practices – which I believe are a key tool for happiness – along with practical action steps to help you become the woman you envision.
  • I believe in letting you run at your own pace – discover what your inner wisdom is telling you, then moving towards your goals with purpose.

Coaching isn’t therapy. It looks forward not backwards, is action-oriented, and it focuses on solutions.

I’m here to show you the truth about your strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased perspective and support you in (re)discovering who you REALLY are.

That’s the foundation.

Helping you to discover how your life can support your internal values—as opposed to the external “shoulds”—allows you to visualize success on your own terms (yes please!).

We then strategize an Empowerment Plan for you. You’ll have the foundation you need to continue the work we’ve done together and enjoy the immeasurable benefits that will show up in your life.

My private 1:1 container for Soul-Led Leadership Coaching last for 3 consecutive months and includes.

  • Six 50-minutes via Zoom or phone (every other week).
  • Email or Voxer access between sessions
  • Additional handouts and meditations are given during our time together.

“Yes, Nicole! I’m ready to live a soul-led life and feel empowered to get everything I want out of life!”

The next step is simple. Schedule a complimentary 45-minute call to see if we’re a match for Empowerment Coaching.

Hear what these amazing women had to say about our time together:

“Before our collaboration, I was unfamiliar with the term “highly sensitive person.” Learning more about what it means to be an HSP was enlightening and reassuring – I understood there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me, as I’d previously felt in times of frustration and doubt, and I learned how to better manage situations with others who are not HSPs.

Overall, coaching with Nicole was very affirming and helped me gain confidence in who I am as a person and the unique perspective I bring to the world. I was able to speak openly and honestly about things around which I held a lot of shame, without fear of judgment from her. And I valued the honest feedback I go from her, which can be hard to come by from family and friends.” — Rachel S

Outcomes my clients have experienced:

  • Feeling deeply understood, supported, and energized—and using that clarity to move forward!
  • Boost to their personal power as an introvert or extrovert so life costs less energy and others appreciate your unique contribution—these qualities are strengths to embrace!
  • Building rich and meaningful relationships where they get as much as they give—we all deserve to surround ourselves with people who bring out the best in us!
  • Making their point confidently so they could increase their influence in a calm and effortless way—I know you too have such valuable things to say!
  • Daring to speak up for what they stand for instead of worrying what others think—learning to be courageous and brave!
  • Breaking free of the fear that they just “don’t have what it takes” to follow your heart’s desire— you are too talented to play small!
  • Rising above fears, shyness, and self-judgment and actually taking steps to reach their goals— you have what it takes to be successful!
  • Finding harmony in their life outside of the office when their leadership role at work has become dominant.

You will have the internal resources to stop feeling disconnected from your life and you’ll start re-stoking your inner fire instead.

Together, we’ll make the things you want to achieve a daily habit so you can bring your valuable gifts to the world.

If you are ready to have someone in your corner who listens and supports you as you regain trust in yourself, your inner voice, and your ability to set firm boundaries professionally and personally…I already know we’ll be a great fit.

You can schedule your complimentary call with me to discuss how I can best support you.

I assure you, if you go after the most fulfilling and rewarding life will be just that  — SOUL-fulfilling and rewarding!

Here are a few commonly asked questions. Are they yours?

What if I don't really have intuition? Or I think I used to but now I don't know...

Everyone has intuition. It is not uncommon that as women we have been dismissed for our intuitive hits or doubted our own voice. Together we can explore the difference between intuition and fear. Check out episode 130 on Soulfilled Sisterhood to get started.

What if I don't want to change my life, but I do feel like I'm overextended and can't keep up this pace?

Sounds like it is time to make some changes in your life, but only you can decide if you are ready to commit to you.

I'm afraid if I put myself first, I'll lose my friends or harm my relationships.

If you haven’t had healthy boundaries in the past some people in your life may not like the new ones you are implementing. If they are open to hearing why you are doing things differently, but if they are not it is time to consider if they want the best for you or not? Sometimes people are in our lives for a day, week, season, or lifetime.

The goal of Soul-Led Leadership Coaching is not to tell you where to go or to bring you ready-made solutions.

It’s to help you get to know yourself, accept yourself, and develop real confidence in your special qualities and find harmony in every aspect of your life.

That’s how we shift your perspective and begin to implement actions that work with, not against, your true nature. To harness all the power that comes with being you, how you were born to be!

Whether you are highly sensitive, introverted, or extroverted…you can feel empowered instead of like your innate qualities are holding you back.

Understanding your needs and how to bring it all together is your Super Power!

Are you ready to make yourself the center of your universe? Go on, I dare you.

Whether you decide to work with me or not, it’s YOUR time to get the life you’re meant to be living.