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What were you taught growing up about money?

Over the years I have worked with women who have stated:

  • I am not good with finances or numbers
  • I avoid looking at the bills because I feel overwhelmed
  • I just pay the minimum balance on credit cards and hope one day I can get it paid off
  • My Dad managed all the money in my family, but I watched my Mom struggle after his death in how to manage it.
  • If I want more money in my life that makes me greedy
  • I am ashamed at how little I know and how little I have
  • No one taught me how to handle money

Current statistics:

  • Women earn 21% less than men
  • More women are becoming entrepreneurs
  • Not all high schools provide basic finance classes, which means teenage girls graduate and do not know how to budget
  • More women outlive men

How we work together on you owning your power around money:

  • Explore your values
  • Dive in and challenge the messages you received around money growing up
  • Create goals and steps for feeling more confident in managing money
  • (If you have children) Gain skills you want to pass along to them that aren’t taught in school
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Create a budget or Sassy Savings Plan
  • Learn how to get out of debt and save for emergencies, retirement, or a college fund

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money to be more confident in money management, yet when these beliefs stop you from feeling abundant it is time to get rid of those old stories. Your ‘scarcity’ beliefs or ‘your not enough’ thoughts about having money can impact not only your budget, but your relationships, your business, and more. Schedule your time with Nicole now to explore how we might work together.

Sassy Saver Workshop for Women

Coming Soon!  These two-hour workshops are offered online to women in the United States wanting to get out of debt and step into confidence around their money.

What is covered:

  • You will explore your money mindset-what you were taught about money. Is it bad or good? Does it make you greedy if you want more wealth? 
  • Explore your values that guide your life
  • Learn practical skills in creating a budget (or abundance plan however you want to call your plan). You will receive a budget template
  • I will do a guided meditation to assist you in having self-compassion for the part(s) of yourself who struggles with finances and releasing of old beliefs.


Investing in yourself to feel more confident in managing your finances, getting out of debt, and be more aligned with your values is $45/person.

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess

CEO; LMFT; Money Coach

I have a bachelors degree in accounting and worked in Corporate America for over 10 years in Accounting, Business Analyst, and Trainer. I then became a licensed marriage and family therapist and over the past decade have been working with women in breaking free from the shame and confusion about managing their budgets. To be clear, I am not a financial advisor or tax consult.

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