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Nicole Burgess LMFT and Money Coach works with healers and professionals in setting up and understanding basic accounting.

Photo from Unsplash by Arnel Hasanovic

As a therapist and healer, you have learned skills in connecting, listening, empathizing, reframing, and working with clients from a specific framework(s). One of the biggest pieces missing from your, and majority of psychology or counseling graduate programs, is business training. If in your previous life you worked in the technology field you may be more skilled in creating websites. Or if you worked in sales you feel at ease with networking and sharing what you do now as a therapist. Or maybe you have a background in business and have the skills to establish a business, negotiate a lease and rent with more ease.

My previous background is in Accounting. I got a bachelors degree in Accounting and minored in Psychology. I then became a business analyst in which I assisted in doing software implementations, some programming, and writing training manuals, then conducting training here in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain. One area I hear most therapists struggle or feel self-doubt is setting up their accounting and maintaining their books. Having a basic understanding of the income coming in, keeping a profit for yourself (yes it is possible to pay off school loans, save for retirement, vacation, etc) and managing your expenses is vital to having a thriving business. 

You have the choice to maintain your own bookkeeping or hire it out. Either is okay, but before you hire it out, I encourage you to gain an understanding of the “how”, “why” and “what”.  Knowing these areas of your finances impacts not only your business but your personal budget.

My goal is to help therapists and healers, like you,  feel more confident around managing your money in their business and personal life.

To challenge the old beliefs systems that hold you back, such as, “I am not good with managing money”, “Who I am to charge that fee”, “Being a therapist you can’t have a profitable business”, “I didn’t get into this field to be profitable but to serve people”, etc.

To be a successful entrepreneur not only in your clinical skills, but running a financially stable business.

What I offer:

One on One sessions with therapists and healers who are just beginning their business or struggling with managing or setting up their bookkeeping.

We will discuss and review the template I have created and used over the years to capture income, expenses, mileage, personal expenses, profit, and loss statement and setting up bank accounts to pay for taxes, yourself and your business expenses. 

Online Mastermind for psychotherapists and healers. 


I do not offer financial advice for retirement plans or specific tax advice. I can give resources or referrals for those specialized services.

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