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Financial Wisdom Mastermind

Accounting basics and money mindset mastermind for psychotherapists! If you are a therapist who is ready to start 2018 of your business and personal finances off on the right track! This online support group is limited to 5, plus myself, so if you are wanting to feel more empowered around your finances, sign up quickly! The monthly meetings begin TBD Eastern time and is a three-month commitment.

This is for you if:

*You struggle to manage your business and personal finances for your sole proprietor or LLC.

*Finances feel overwhelming or you are scared to look at your finances.

*You need practical guidance and are open to exploring your money mindset.

*You want to create action steps and be held accountable for you to fully step into your CEO power!

*You are ready to break through the money shame stories and be supported in a judgment-free zone with other therapists.

*You are open to mixing practical skills with a little woo-woo.  (i.e. mindset work)

What you will have by the end of the process is:

*Monthly one hour sessions over Zoom – 3 hours of LIVE MENTORING where you can implement the NEW & EASIER money management

*A tracking template I have used for years to manage my business, personal finances, and paying off debts!

*Know your money blocks, so that you feel more empowered with your finances!

*A better understanding of managing your business as the CEO and accounting skills that are not taught in graduate school!

*Create conscious money habits, so that you feel more confident and in control of your business!

*Conquer your MONEY to create a sustainable business to keep providing the much-needed services to clients!

*Help is here!! I will share tips on how I save for retirement, vacations and business taxes!

Your total investment for the three months is $237.

DATE to be determined! 

If you are ready to have compassionate, practical guidance in managing your business and personal finances, and break through limited money beliefs  CLICK HERE to sign up and get a free 15 min consult with me. Be a part of changing how our field and the general public see the value in the work we do, by creating a sustainable business.

Nicole Burgess is an LMFT and Money Mentor who in her previous life worked as an accountant and business analyst in various manufacturing companies before becoming a psychotherapist. To learn more about Nicole.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax accountant, certified public accountant, or certified financial planner. I do not provide financial investing advice or tax planning.

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