Over the last few years I have been asked repeatedly if I will write a book on helping women with overcoming their fears to writing phrases I sometimes use that create an image in the person’s mind to writing blog posts for other sites. 

Here’s the thing…writing structured paragraphs and making sure everything is grammatical correct is not my thing. I have been repeatedly told “writing is not your strength”. I like run on sentences. I say things in more words than is typically necessary. (See what I mean?!?!) I sometimes flip letters around or read something aloud and that is NOT what it says. I don’t do this all the time, but sometimes. Over the years my best friend and I have had many a laughs when driving along and I read billboards! She will laugh and say “What?”, so I read it again only to see what I thought it said was not at all what it said!

So if I eventually do write a book I know I will have an editor that will guide me in keeping things succinct and grammatically correct. I also remind myself that even though many highly sensitive persons or INFJ’s “love to write” it can take form in many ways. (Because we are all unique.) For me it is writing poetry or asking questions that allows a person (including myself) to go deeper into their soul.

This piece was written a few months back during a meditation. As a continuous student of life I keep a journal and pen in my meditation space for moments like these. So when an intuitive hit occurs I can write it down. And if you have listened to some of my podcast episodes you know that God is my source. For others of you it may be Spirit, Divine, Universe or another name. Any and all are welcome. God reminded me of my magnificence that day and I felt called to now share it with you. (In case you have forgotten how incredible you are!)

With much gratitude and love for all the women I have walked with in their journeys and those who walk with me in mine.

You are Magnificent-Nicole Burgess-Women's Empowerment Coach and Podcast Host

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Leadership Coach to sensitive and high achieving professional women in midlife. Over the last fifteen years she has coached, guided and collaborated with over a 1,000 women. She helps them demote their inner critic, embrace their fears through action, and grow professionally without sacrificing their personal life. As a result, they are more productive at work, have more meaningful relationships, and no longer sacrifice their well-being for others.  

Nicole is an INFJ, HSP and recovering perfectionist herself and began her career as an Accountant then Business Analyst. She offers both individual and group coaching.