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Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and empowerment coach who believes every woman is the leader in their own life and has the inner wisdom already within.

She helps women in their personal and professional life step out from behind the masks they wear, embrace their strengths as introverts, highly sensitive, and spiritual beings, so they can blaze their own soul-filled trail.

In this episode:

  • Letting go of personas, masks, illusions, false beliefs in midlife
  • Universal false beliefs: “I am not enough, I am not lovable, I am not worthy, Will people like or love me if I am my True Self”
  • Importance of Self-Reflection (Episode One)
  • Good girl workshop and feedback from women
  • Breaking this cycle with ourselves which changes it for the younger generation of female leaders
  • Nicole shares her personal journey in becoming a psychotherapist and coach
  • Trusting your intuition and listening to the voice of God/Spirit/Universe
  • Doing your own shadow work
  • Parts work-gain deeper understanding of self (psychosynthesis)
  • Working through shame and seeking professional support
  • Ending the hustle, being someone we are not, and slowing down to rise up
  • Listening and having faith in your intuition and/or the voice of God-involves risk, often doesn’t make sense, getting outside your comfort zone
  • Suffering is part of life and happens when we let go of illusions
  • Self-acceptance, self-love, and ego
  • Nicole’s goal for the podcast-reach women around the world and in every country
  • Women united, supporting one another, and raising the vibrational level of our planet
  • Guided visualization

Disclaimer: Some of these resources are affiliate links. This means Nicole receives a small portion of the fees, which helps support her in continuing to produce this podcast.

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